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that the contractors worked with us to do so and they stepped in to make sure things got done. even frankenstein is here to help celebrate this. (applause) >> our street performers, and i've been talking with monique, i've got a new invested role with our street performers that we're going to have working with public works and all of our great san francisco agencies. everybody is here today. i know what it means to really complete these projects, to keep them going. and this is, while it sounds like a lot of money, it's actually a small part of our whole capital planning that goes on and continues to go on. we honor all of our public because they do allow the city to invest their money properly, get these things done, honor them with completed projects. this is $10 million which released from general obligation bonds to go on to another great, another capital planning that we're doing. and now i know the port is going to celebrate because they got $35 million invested in -- 195 million in the next bond that we have to create even better and more own spaces that we have. right around the corner i
and discover a kind of feline frankenstein. >>> good evening. we begin with that wall of wind howling across the country tonight. millions
for frankenstein to come out of that thing for sure. it's great video, but i don't know that i would get this close, hanging out the window while there's sparks hanging off of that thing and that crazy sound. >>> it's a prank video that asks the question, do you lift? >> when does he break the news this is a joke? he's going to get killed. >> that's man cold there. i don't want to get in the in to that, but you don't do that. >> the man prank that could go south, "right this minute." >>> and coming up, get ready for today's buzzword, because we're giving away an ipad mini. it's just about tim >>> one of our favorite pranksters is back and this time, going up to guys saying, hey, you look kindy skinny. do you lift? >> yeah. because it's the skinniest thing i've ever seen in my life. >> when does he break the news this is a joke. he's going to get killed. >> i was just looking. you guys need to start lifting. >> i'll lift you. >> you better put it on your shoulder and walk with it. >> wow. >> he's got nerve. >> i know. and talk about, like, these guys are irate in a second. up know, they're light rea
. kind of looks like a frankenstein walk, extend, then what you call a spinning bald man. >> he's really good. >> i bet he's like a retired ice cap ades dancer. >> graceful with the hand movement. full extension with the leg. that's going to make the judges happy. you've got to love what the people filming this are saying. >> perfect. amazing. >> unbelievable. >> yeah, great. >> the part of the commentary where scott hamilton would say, he's giving it his all, throwing his head back. wow, i've never seen that move before.
, it had a parking resemblance to a city of parking like frankenstein. oh, it's a saturday night and i ain't got no parking. i got no parking by the city in the bay. i am in an awful way. and i want to go downtown, where all the lights are bright. parking downtown, it's waiting for me tonight. parking downtown, the garage and parking is waiting for you. >> thank you. are there other members of the public who wish to speak on items 1 or 2? seeing none, public comment is closed. we have two these items before us. if there are no other questions i do have a few comments to make on them. i do appreciate the folks who have come out to speak and i absolutely understand why it has become part of the fabric of some of the community where's they do exist. so i do want indicate that comment or register that comment. there are a few things that make me uncomfortable with this item and these were two pieces of legislation that i thought would be pretty easy, but as i started to speak to individuals about, it i became less comfortable in the two items and supporting them at this time. one, i'm still
life of fluffy. scientists track them and discover a kind of feline frankenstein. >>> good evening. we begin with that wall of wind howling across the country tonight. millions of americans bracing for the impact, everything from stalled trains and planes to tornadoes. and here is the map. an area from the florida panhandle to new york, under a severe weather warning. abc's steve osunsami is outside atlanta tonight in adairsville, georgia, where one powerful tornado has already torn through town. >> reporter: an hour north of atlanta, an amazing picture, the sky was falling. >> we've got debris flying to the left and center of this system. the sirens have been going off here. the wind is kicking up, along with the rain. again, a funnel crossing the interstate here in adairsville. >> reporter: witnesses here say the tornado was on the ground, churning through homes, office buildings and factories for more than 20 minutes. scientists think it was an ef-2 or greater, with wind speeds more than 125 miles an hour. >> please take safe shelter for us right now. get in the center portion of yo
half contemporary offers, how did that translate the frankenstein of the founding to the debate about foreign policy and in afghanistan? >> guest: a lot of them quote washington's farewell that you shouldn't be involved on the alliance's. there tends to be a very nativist going out through the books. >> host: what do you mean by nativist? >> guest: let the world flight and pull back and take care of ourselves. i do not sense among the contemporary conservatives i do not get a sense of foreign policy coherence than i do on the domestic issues. some of them are prone intervention, we need to go exploit our democracy. a lot of them are much more we need to just pull back and get out of the war and take care of ourselves and stop spending money on the world. >> host: so they want to see them as the most in the past few years as the states' rights, what we might call federalism, the federal government, the state governments, but a lot on sunday morning talk shows and supreme court decisions and the health care case so what did the founders have to say about the relative roles of the federa
they translate or try to translate what the frankenstein sent to contemporary debates about foreign policy, iraq, afghanistan? >> guest: a lot of them quote from washington's farewell address and saying you shouldn't be involved in the alliance's. there tends to be a very nativist threat going forward through those book. >> host: tell us more about that what you mean by nativist? >> guest: to let the world of light and we just need to kind of pull back and take care of ourselves. so, i think that's among the contemporary thought conservative writers i don't get them the way that i do with domestic issues. some of them are pro intervention. we need to go explore the democracy. a lot of them are much more we just need to pull back, get out of the war and take care of ourselves and stop spending money around the world. >> host: as a professor of constitutional law i've seen the most probably in the last few years on states' rights, what we might call federalism and leftist power on sunday morning talk shows and supreme court decisions and the health care case so what did the founders have to say ab
they translate or try to train late with the frankenstein set to contemporary debates about foreign policy in iraq, afghanistan? >> guest: a lot of to quote washington's farewell address and say we should be involved. there tends to be a very nativist echoing through those folks and that discourse. >> host: what you mean by nativist? >> guest: let the world friday we just need to pull back and take care of ourselves. i don't sense among the contemporary conservative writers, i don't get a sense of foreign policy coherence do we do with domestic issues. some of them are pro-intervention, neoconservative, breaking. we need to explore our democracy. a lot of them are much more we need to pull back, get out of these wars and take care of ourselves and start spending money on the world. >> host: as a professor of constitutional law, one area, probably on states rights, what we might call federalism, relative power of the federal government, state governments come up a lot on sunday morning talk shows and supreme court decisions in the health care case. what did the founders have to say about th
eat their own. they've created a frankenstein monster. >> and they wouldn't have the crazies, the mcconnells, and sharon engels. >> john: michigan mcconnell could stand up against the tea party. yes, i did help out the fiscal cliff and i saved the economy. and it would win moderates but he's not going to do it. >> but isn't there a lot of money to pull the right further to the right, but there is not a lot of money to pull the left further to the left. there is no one there are no ads calling him to the left, but there is money on the right. >> john: that is a very good example. we're talking about purity test. if you're not pro-choice you can't get that far in the democratic party with a few notable exceptions. but the republicans still have this automatic purity test that kicks in. is there any way to break free of it. >> if they want to win an election ever again which i hope they don't they shut should go down the path. when they said, the fiscal tragedy should not come out of a physical tragedy. they stand on principle, the tea party, you know what the principle is? meanness. th
size, he had the wrong strength, but doping distorts it and you are creating sort of a frankenstein athlete and armstrong was the best at that process and the best at the wild west, but in terms of would he have won the tour ever as a clean athlete? the answer is almost certainly no. >> rose: do you agree with that, david? >> i agree with that. >> rose: he never would have won? >> it is hard to know for sure but i agree with what dan said he doesn't pithe typical mold of that kind of athlete and something dan has done some reporting on, i believe there are reasons to believe that he would have gotten more benefit from certain drugs than the next guy in some case ms. terms of how his particular blood is. >> rose: when did each of you begin to say to yourself, he is doping? >> maybe you couldn't prove it, but had been thinking about it and somehow there was a straw that broke the camel's back as to his guilt? juliet? >> the first time i tued on thtour of frce and saw h won. >> rose: really? >> that was the first ink cling. >> rose: that he was doping. >> .. >> rose: what made that tr
think we need someone that will look at frankenstein monster called the budget and not stick up for it but pick it apart. >> rick, you know, i don't think anybody in their right mind would argue for a second that a guy like jamie dimon wouldn't be the right, the qualified, the good message-sending pick. >> i don't think jamie dimon would take the job, by the way. >> james owe dimon would last about three days in that job. >> but it would be a pick nonetheless -- >> i think everybody underneath him would last three days, that's what i think. >> possibly, possibly. >> my point in asking the question is certainly that would be cheered in places like where maria and i are sitting right now here at new york stock exchange, but on the flip side that are those who would say president bush 43, you know, not like paul o'neill or john snow were exactly greeted as the greatest treasury secretaries. >> they weren't. >> in the history of the country. >> hank paulsen dealt with some serious issues. >> i want to underscore that, there is this notion that somehow if you put an executive in a go
played chess. i read, she read mary shelly, frankenstein, and she thought that was very morbid. she went to the market and played 12 cents for a dozen eggs. she wrote down everything that she, all of her purchases. so for recreating daily life this was an extraordinary source and made me realize that i was going to be able to recreate daily life in a very intimate, realistic way. i didn't want to write a book about congress and politicians. i wanted to write a book about the way people lived in washington. this became kind of a mission in mind as i got into this research, to write a book really about living in washington and not about washington politics. the daily newspapers were an abundant source of information because there were so many of them and you had these different tendencies. they would look at things slightly differently. and you could get a lot of information that way. and then i spent a lot of time in the national archives and i found the docket book of the court, for the circuit court at the time. so you could find out, you know, who was breaking the law and how they were
and marcus don't get their costumes the electric company will only have the frankenstein and the werewolf and the foost. the what? the foost. that says ghost. but i thought "gh" made the "f" sound. it usually does, but not always. oh, i like when it does. well then, you'll love this. ♪ my neighbor is a space alien. space alien! you only have two lives left. (chuckling) my animals are running all over the place take care of them all or you're gonna get replaced. and he'll beam you with his eyeballs to outer space. here we go. ♪ you said "elepant." elephant's the word. "ph" makes the "f" sound in case you haven't heard. yeah, yeah, pesky eddie, i got it, i know. well, you better get it right, only one life to go. ♪ you have succeeded, so we won't be needing you. oh rats, this stinks! i just love what i do. "f" is by far the laziest letter in the alphabet, in fact it's so lazy it doesn't even show up in the word "alphabet." but no "f", here's what i think happened... "f" called up "ph." "ph!" "ph!" i'm tired. could you make the "f" sound for me in some words? well,
. >> it was so big, it became almost like frankenstein's monster in a good way. >> we sit down with the film legend and talk hollywood, guns, and obama's road ahead. >> what would you like to see him do in this second four years? >>> we're slope side in park city, utah. city, utah. "newsroom" begins now. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>>and good morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm carol costello. today lance armstrong makes up in a new world, long endured by millions of americans who had no interest in bicycling before he rewrote the record books. armstrong faces a public that realizes he was a fraud, that he was lying to us all along. >> yes or no, did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> yes or no, was one of those banned substances epo? >> yes. >> did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> did you ever use any other banned substances, like, testosterone, cortizone, or human growth hormone? >> yes. >> yes or no, in all seven of your tour de france victories, did you ever tak
read frankenstein, and did he read it to the end? >> well, something's come and go but there's one thing that is a certain. whatever there is a brutal arab dictator in the world he will have the support of the honorable gentleman. [shouting] >> order, order. last but not least, mr. whitaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. we can definitely -- we can definitely do without them. will my right on of a friend, the prime minister, told the house whether he will be taking seriously the liberal democrats ministers who are queuing up today to resign their posts after batting against the government in last nights vote for? >> what i would say to my honorable friend clearly there's a profound disagreement about this issue but i would say to everyone in the house of commons who voted for an oversize house of commons and unequal constituency boundaries that are both costly and unfair, they will have to justify that to their constituents. [shouting] >> order. >> here on c-span2 we will leave the british house of commons now as they move on to other legislative business. you have been watching prime
of frankenstein. and i don't remember it a bit. but i do know that we're going to do it again tomorrow night at the afi. >> big celebration at the afi. >> my understanding this has just been moved from a smaller venue into a bigger venue because of ticket sales. >> they reached 200 capacity and said no more tickets. no, no, no, no. we have to have people. so they moved it to the big theater. we have lots of room and tickets are still available. >> tell me a little about 40 years of this. you did it on air for almost 15 years. you still do it for those who don't know, you do a weekly show. >> and i've been on the internet longer than i was on television. 15 years this year. yeah. it's incredible . this was kind of a thing as an alternative to the kid's programming. i wanted to have fun with adults on saturday night. first thing i did was make sure i owned the rights to the character. and then we went on to the internet in 98 and it's been fun ever since. with the internet i have a global audience. i deal with filmmakers from around the world. we have contests that we have. we have a winner f
's problem the professor and frankenstein that created the monster known as the current budget, even for bush when i look at mr. lew and the comments made by stephen moore regarding the president, this is a duo that i don't think will make the job of tackling spending any easier. am i missing something, congressman? >> no, if i read woodward's book correctly, wasn't it jack leb who was the architects of the sequester when that was proposed as a way get off the cliff last august? so, you know, again at some point we're going to have to start paying -- keeping the promising we have made to pay down some of this. you know, after the budget control act in august of 2011, we set our appropriations limit up to the maximum. i said, why do that? we all know we're going to have a disaster somewhere along the line that will require more money. sure enough, we had a once in a lifetime storm that hit the new york and new jersey, it's going to cost a lot of money to repair that. we should have saved some of the last year's budget in order to pay for last year's disaster. but, again that kind of thinking j
. it was so big. it became almost like frankenste frankenstein's monster in a good way. >> almost too big. >> you build this thing. is it going to work in people say you can't create a human being out of mechanical parts. suddenly you do, and you go, my god, great. then it starts to tear the house down. in a sense, it's not as much fun as it used to be. >> you're not going to step away from it? this is still going to be your baby, yes? >> in terms of shepherding, yeah, it will. but not as much as it was. >> there's been so much talk these days because of the mass shootings that we've seen, about gun violence and how hollywood plays a role in that, what we see on the screen. does it translate into our daily lives. what do you think about that? >> i don't know. i don't know. i think that first of all, violence has been in films since they were invented. it's been there all along. so obviously, that's part of our culture. and if films reflect that culture, that's what they do. so often we guns in ads. does that mean guns bring business to the box office? if they become part of marketing, doe
it looks like frankenstein bolts. great idea! did you finish martha's hot dogula pattern? it's over there. (barks) no my costume is going to be way cooler than yours. (barks): is not! is, too! is not! is, too! hey! (barking) i'm going to... martha, skits stop it! you're going to rip my... pattern. maybe the models should go outside while we make a new pattern. good thinking. (chuckles) oh i thought you were done taking measurements. i am but we have to hem your costumes if they're going to fit right. your hems are so straight. mine are a mess. well, my model is being a little more cooperative than yours is. (barking) maybe we should take the booties off for his fitting. i feel ridiculous. (camera clicks) you two look great! qué estilo! very stylish apparel. does this hem look crooked to you? not if i tilt my head like this. let me re-hem this, and we'll get another picture. come in for a second, martha. (groans) you're such a great sewer. this prize is ours! (barking) skits, where are you going?! come back! skits, come back! skits! (barking) (grunts) (barking) (panting
Search Results 0 to 46 of about 47 (some duplicates have been removed)